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What are the delivery charges?

When it comes to acquiring documents, trust is the most important factor that plays a significant role. You trust us for everything you provide us for making your future. Then it is our responsibility to ensure the best future for you.
The best way to start building the trust between us is to talking with our experts either via email or whatsapp.
The conversation between us will remain confidential and will be conducted in complete privacy. There will be no obligation on your part to start with any of our programs until you agree.
Acquiring second citizenship is really a great deal that makes your mind to walk through overwhelming thoughts and decision making before you actually step forward for it. We are here to understand your problems and doubts and to help you make confident about the consequence of this life-changing endeavor.

For Which Country Should I Apply For Second passport?

This is your choice that should be based on your objective to moving to another country. If your objective is to improve the quality of life for your family then you should check upon certain things such as which languages are spoken there, how safe the country is, how strong the economy is and how is the standard of health and education.
However, the top choices are the USA and Europe. If you have E.U passport you are free to live and work anywhere you want irrespective of the duration.
US and E.U. passports are again the best options if you want to travel around the world. With these passports, one can get access to 170+ countries visa-free worldwide.

Authorities Have Taken Hold of My Passport and I want a new one. Can You Delete My Previous Information and Produce Me a New Passport with Same Info?

Of course, it is quite possible to trace your passport information in the supposed system by putting in your passport number. Thus it can be easily erased off your previous passport details from the record and then can register your new information for the new passport ,id identity card. This way your old passport information will not exist anywhere and police would never be able to trace you or your information in the system.

How to order a passport ?

Getting your new documents is as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill in the short form and upload your picture, signature, fingerprints scan, and place an order. As soon as you pay, we will proceed to prepare your passport for printing. Delivery time depends on the order. If you have any questions regarding the shipment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are at your service 24/7!
As for Genuine IDs and passports, you can use any information you want, and you don’t need to upload biometrics. We do sell novelty documents, but we do not recommend using them for official matters, work or travel because it is likely to cause serious legal problems with police.

Beware of scams ..?

There are a lot of cheap passports offers online. Don’t fall into one of those traps and order documents from frauds as they may sell you a passport disguised as a real one. You are totally safe ordering from genuineonlinedocument.com We guarantee that all of our real documents are 100% genuine and registered in the government database according to the official state requirements. What is more, we make sure your personal information stays confidential, and shipments are very discreet. Check out the testimonials of our happy customers and book a free appointment with one of our expert consultants to help you solve all of your problems.

Returns & Refunds

Can I See Some Examples of Your Happy Clients?

If it would have been possible, we would love to do that but it’s not. Documents are personal asset and that’s why have to be confidential . Therefore, most of our clients who have acquired documents from us want us to keep their information as secret.
Everyone can have different objective, some may want because of their fear of dismissal from their original country to apprehensions over financial investigations into their other country’s banking and investments records. For others, there can be more personal reasons for keeping their second citizenship confidential.
We have lots of real remarks given by our clients, featured on our website. Only for the security purposes, we have changed the original name that is after all their right.

Would Your Documents Work Like Real Documents?

Yes, our real documents are just exactly the same as you acquire from the authorities. Everything used in the process is of same level of quality as the authorities use and we use real government database systems to register client’s information so that if it is verified in government database, it is marked as real document which can be used for legal purpose. Our all clients are 100% assured to provide with high quality real documents.

What if the Provided Document Gets Expired, How Will I Renew It?

When we have provided the real document then every process will work with it the same way as it goes with the documents provided by the authorities. With our real documents, client’s information is captured into the government database system so if your document gets expired you can approach to the authorities to get it renewed and it would be done without any hassle. When the authorities verify your information into their database system and finds that your information is registered there, they will agree to renew your document without any issue.

Save your time and buy a real passport online?

Have you lost your birth certificate in a fire? Did somebody steal your ID card? Has your passport expired? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have a solution for you! No need to waste your time and wait in long lines to receive or renew your documents. Now you can order them online with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. Save time to do something you enjoy and let us fix your problems!

Why you should buy a real passport online from us?

We have 12 years of experience selling valid documents all over the world. Our insiders work in different government institutions to ensure our real passports, IDs and certificates are genuine and undistinguishable from the documents issued by the authorities. We offer real passports for sale at a reasonable price to provide premium quality that is affordable to anyone. Forget about bureaucracy, standing in long lines and waiting for months. At genuineonlinedocument.com you can order your real documents online saving money and time to do what you love!

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